Telegram — The Hidden Gem Connecting Web2 and Web3 Players

If X is considered the hub for the most Web3 traffic, then undoubtedly Telegram hosts the largest Web3 communities, where Web2 users converge. Targeting to onboard billions of users to Web3, Telegram officially launched the TON Blockchain, boasting an impressive market cap of 3.5 billion USD, ranking it 11th in the cryptocurrency market. However, due to its new technologies, its ecosystem is still in its infancy and is poised for exponential growth.

In light of this opportunity, Wheel of Fate aims to bridge the GameFi sector and connect Telegram users with the Web3 gaming realm through an easy-to-use MiniApp and comprehensive functions and services.

DN404 — A Novel Liquidity Solution for Both FT and NFT

Robust tokenomics has always been a focal point and a challenging issue in the Web3 gaming sector. We believe the DN404 standard offers a promising solution and aim to pioneer its implementation in Wheel of Fate.

DN404 represents an advanced standard for NFTs on Ethereum, devised to address the shortcomings of ERC-404. It prioritizes enhancing liquidity and accessibility of NFTs, presenting a more adaptable and efficient structure for tokenizing assets. By amalgamating features of both fungible and non-fungible tokens, DN404 innovates in the interaction and management of NFTs, mitigating transaction costs and optimizing data storage. This hybrid approach endeavors to revolutionize the NFT market, rendering it more accessible and affordable to a broader audience.

Key Features

  1. Enhanced Liquidity and Accessibility: DN404 facilitates the fractionalization of NFTs into smaller units, thereby enhancing liquidity and democratizing investment in unique digital assets.

  2. Technical Innovation: By combining elements of ERC-20 contracts (fungible tokens) and ERC-721 (NFTs), DN404 strikes a balance between the uniqueness of NFTs and the liquidity of fungible tokens, unlocking new possibilities for asset tokenization.

The DN404 standard was developed by the team behind the GitHub account “Vectorized”. For further details on the DN404 standard, updates, and technical documentation, please visit the official repository on GitHub.

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